Pipes and profiles bending

We perform the services of pipes, flat bars, profiles and rods bending. Our machine park includes new benders for pipes and profiles with hydraulic press and in a wide bending range. Owing to the investment in these machines we are able to work efficiently and offer attractive prices.

Some technical parameters of benders we work on:

  • Higher power compared to typical benders
  • Both bender axes are driven by an exceptionally powerful hydraulic engine
  • This machine bends various materials in different shapes
  • Reliable machine operation owing to special press buttons on the panel
  • Bender made of welded steel sheets.

A service price depends on a material and an order volume. We also fulfil non-typical orders such as bending pipes and profiles of demanding shapes. Bends of materials are always very precise and aesthetic. We eliminate humps within the entire bending length. This is possible thanks to the team of specialists and investments into modern and advanced machine technologies. Before starting work, we always calculate all the parameters carefully and we verify them in a technological test.

Pipes, flat bars, profiles and rods bending at BG Technology means:

  • Short lead time
  • Precision
  • High quality – no weak points (tightness)
  • Modern manufacturing methods.

We bend pipes for customers all over Poland and Europe. Our manufacturing site is located in Bydgoszcz (Poland). We provide services to individual customers, small companies and large enterprises. 

We encourage you to use our offer.